Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery Services

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September 3, 2020
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Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery Services

Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery Services

There’s No Fun WIthout Customizations


Ever been troubled about not finding your perfect design in clothing specially t-shirts? Worry no more because we are here to tell you that’s completely normal. Yes, it’s normal to think that you do not have a favorite design on the t-shirts you have been browsing. The printing and embroidery may not be the one that you want. And guess what? Not even the most fashionable brands can cater to what brilliant idea you have in your mind.

All of your woes have one solution: Customized screen printing and customized embroidery!

What Is Custom Screen Printing?

The answer to that can only be understood if you know what screen printing is. Truth be told, screen printing is a dissident way of printing digital illustrations on a t-shirt. It uses thick layers of ink that stay on top of the shirt, not being soaked in. Screen printing is the way of this world, to make custom t-shirts. Not only this, but it can also help you with logo embroidery services or simply local t-shirt printing.

Why Is It Better Than the Other Options?

Screen printing uses thick layers of ink and it also uses thick ink itself. The colors pop out more than imagined and they’re not easily soaked into the shirt as well. The ink is so thick that the touch to the print feels soft as a feather. And not to forget, it’s pocket friendly. From screen printing caps to t-shirts screen printing, the method has you covered. We recommend screen printing for all these reasons.

So, what’s the solution to all this? It’s simple custom screen printing. Not only this, but custom embroidery services are also the answer to your problem!

You need to implement your creative vision into your clothes. We want you to be in charge of your designs. And to make it easier for you, we have all the information about screen printing and embroidery services. We love to bring your visions to life with the perfect quality.

High-quality embroidery printing and screen printing online helps you to give your clothes the charm they deserve. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? This way, you only have to think and leave the rest to the hands of the maker.  Be it t shirt screen printing, custom embroidered t shirts, and screen printing shirts, add a personalized touch! Your personalized touch!

Did we catch you in awe? Because we have more to tell. In addition to the printing and embroidery of the shirts and t-shirts, there is something different too. Including logo embroidery services, custom embroidered caps, and screen printing caps you get what you need!

All these printing and embroidery services are only the surface of what we do. We believe that sky’s the limit. Our expertise has researched everything you need to know about customizing your wardrobe. We are certain you will be happy and satisfied.  

So, tell me more about how I can bring my imagination to life? Well, the answer to that is simple: its screen printing and embroidery services. Although both of these are amazing, sometimes you may have to choose either custom screen printing or custom embroidery printing.

But how will you choose the right one for you? We have you covered. Read further to find out.

So, How Does It Work?

Believe it or not, it’s soothing to watch an apparel being screen printed. A thin mesh of parchment paper is fitted tightly over a frame. This frame is called screen, now you know where the name comes from. The parchment paper has the negative of the design printed on it or sometimes pasted. Once it’s set correctly on the apparel to be printed, the ink is poured into the frame on the design. This ink sets on the t-shirt and is spread with a metal scraper. And Viola! Your custom screen-printing on the t-shirt is then set aside to dry.

This is just the gist, the whole process is super complicated than this. One single mistake and your entire design will be a thick patch of ink only. Moreover, you can now have screen printing online!

Can I do custom screen printing of logos on caps? The answer to that is yet again simple and can be found as you read further.

There are two methods to add custom designs and logos to your apparel or clothing material: screen printing and embroidery. Printing and embroidery services can get you a lot more than what you want and make your items pop. But the choice of which one’s THE ONE can be decrementing. So here we give you all the information you need to decide which one to pick!

Screen Printing vs Embroidery

Embroidery using a delicate method of stitching the threads into the desired shape directly on the cloth. With computerized embroidery machines, the process has been made quite simple. Most of these machines have up to 15 sewing heads. It means that they can produce 15 items at a time with almost the same number of thread colors. Amazing, right?

Now let’s look at the programming of your printing through custom embroidery services. It’s the first step and is very important for the end result. Now, your digital image is sent to the embroidery machine. It basically instructs it what to do and how to stitch. All the fabrics and the colors are loaded into the machine and the work then is done automatically!

We have already told you about the nitty-gritty of screen printing. Since both these methods are completely different your decision relies on something else. Which one’s inexpensive? Which one’s better? Keep reading and you will find out!

Custom Screen Printing
Embroidery Printing
Cheaper for large printing Cheaper for small printing
Best of t-shirts, hoodies, and generally large clothing items Best for caps, outerwear, pocket logos, and generally smaller clothing items
Set up cost
Variable fee, expensive to set up Flat fee, cheap to set up


Another option is to find out which of the services will give you the best result for a certain clothing item. It’s also very simple.

Embroidery is generally the best choice for polo shirts and business shirts but only for logo printing. It is considered the most valuable and precious on these items. It’s also considered the best choice for custom embroidered caps and outerwear items too. However, on shirts where the logo is needed on the backside, embroidery is not the right choice.

Similarly, for t-shirts and apparel that are lightweight, the best choice is screen printing. Also, if you want bigger designs then screen printing is the choice for you. This is because embroidery is too heavy for these items and may pucker the material. So, for a larger design, screen printing is the one for you! Moreover, you can also have custom screen-printing caps. So, it totally depends on the material and your preference.

What are you waiting for? Bring your ideas to life with printing and embroidery services. Add a personal touch to your closet and adore your beautiful garments for years.

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