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Design Your Own Custom Personalized Hoodie

Let’s get creative


Custom personalized hoodies are all the rage these days and have been for quite a while, and for good reason too. Whether you’re an influencer with a following, an activist trying to get their message across, or just someone trying to keep it fashionable while fighting the cold weather – hoodies can be of great use. And while customizing your hoodies is a must when your purpose is to have a custom image or text on your garment, it can also be a fun way to brighten up your own hoodies for personal use.

Hoodie Designs – choose your style.

The beauty of getting to make your own hoodie is exploring the available techniques and choosing which suits you best. This choice is based on the simplicity or complexity of your logo design, whether you even have a logo or just want some text, the colors you want to use, and of course the area you want your design to take up on your custom personalized hoodie.

Screen printed hoodies:

When designing your custom personalized hoodie, you could opt for the screen printing technique if your desired design has intricate details. Another reason to opt for screen printed hoodies is if you wish for your design to take up a greater area on the hoodie, rather than it being just a small emblem on the right or left of the chest. To keep your screen printed design looking crisp and bold, here are a few things worth keeping in mind:

  •  Try to use fewer colors when designing your logo.
  •  Keep the design simple and meaningful.
  •  A smaller design is often more stylish.
Custom embroidered hoodies:

The beauty and high-end look of custom embroidered hoodies are truly undeniable. A plain and simple hoodie can instantly look ten times more fabulous and eye-catching with the help of some custom embroidery. You can choose to have your desired logo placed anywhere on your hoodie. Beautiful logos, with intricate details, embroidered onto your hoodies can add so much more value to the look of your hoodie. A small emblem to the right or left of the chest can make for a super classy hoodie, however, the possibilities are endless! If you like, we could have your logo embroidered at the bottom of your hoodie, a patch on the forearm, or even somewhere on the back. And if you want to make it entirely unique and all your own, try going for personal artwork and designs to be placed as your embroidered logo. The simpler your logo will be, the more it will stand out, and if the colors you choose for your embroidery are of contrast from the fabric of the hoodie itself – that’s an added bonus!

Now that you have all the information you need on customized personal hoodies, it’s time to get creative. Don’t hold back from designing your own perfect and unique custom hoodie, whether you want it embroidered or screen printed, Dallas Shirt Printing can get anything done, throw in our super reasonable prices, and you get a sweet deal!

The design is yours, the pleasure is all ours.

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