DTG Printing or Screen Printing: Which One You Should Choose?

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July 30, 2020
July 30, 2020
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DTG Printing or Screen Printing: Which One You Should Choose?

DTG Printing or Screen Printing: Which One You Should Choose? 



If you’re about to start your own T-Shirts fashion line, are already done deciding the design, style, and cut choices and now only need to determine the method printing you should choose; you’ve come to the right place. The two most top choices of printing in today’s world are DTG Printing and Screen Printing

If you’ve never gotten your t-shirts printed before, these two methods might sound confusing for now. Questions, as such, might be popping up in your head: What is DTG printing? How screen-printing works? What’s the difference between the two? Read on ahead to have all your printing questions answered.   

Difference between Direct to Garment Printing & Screen Printing

The technique of putting ink onto the fabric of the t-shirt is the main difference between the two methods of printing. The screen printing machine works by pushing ink through a mesh stencil onto the fabric. The ink, in this case, lies on top of the material rather than soaking in. Every element of your design needs a special screen or stencil to be made, the colors and every piece of the design is then applied layer by layer. 

On the other hand, DTG printing works exactly like the home printer in your office. The ink that is prayed on the garment soaks into the fibers of the fabric. It’s like printing on paper, but on clothing. You could choose any digital image and the printer would transfer it onto the blank piece of shirt. 

Pros & Cons of Direct to Garment Printing & Screen Printing: 

We will now discuss the pros and cons of Screen Printing vs DTG



  • Detailed oriented designs and images can be printed 
  • A wide range of color palette can be brought into play 
  • DTG printing is perfect for a small batch of shirts 
  • Little investment required upfront  
  • DTG printing is more sustainable  


  • Digital printing isn’t cost-effective when it comes to printing in bulk 
  • Minimal design placement 



  • High-quality designs 
  • Cost-effective when it comes to printing in a larger bulk 
  • Excellent for printing bold designs 
  • Silk screen printing is cheaper printing in batches 


  • The screen printing machine requires a large investment upfront 
  • Can only print simple designs 
  • More colors mean more layers resulting in a higher cost 
  • Silk screen printing is not sustainable  

Which to choose & why? 

When choosing the right printing method for your business there is more on stake than just money and time. You need to choose a method that best fits your needs, requirements and your brand’s image. The complexity of your design, the order number, and the investment upfront, all, affect your decision of choosing the printing method.  

The DTG printing best fits your business and individual needs, if you’re looking for a productive and cost-efficient printer. It’s trouble-free and easier to introduce new designs, colors, and styles. 

Screen printing is the better choice if you need to print a large number of products at a low cost. Vibrant, bold designs can be produced in high quality. However, it’s more labor-intensive of the two as you need a stencil for every design. 

Hopefully, all your printing related questions have been answered and you’re now ready to make your decision. And if you’re, now, wondering where to find the best DTG printer, rush to our site Dallas Shirt Printing and encounter a swift and facile printing experience. Good Luck!

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