Perfect Ways To Wear Polo Shirts

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September 3, 2020
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Perfect Ways To Wear Polo Shirts

Perfect Ways To Wear Polo Shirts

Men’s Style Guide To Polo Shirts


Want to change your style game from t-shirts to something more? Well, something more here is the Polo Shirts. That could honestly be worn anywhere at any time. The timeless polo shirts have been in the men’s clothing industry for ages. You can easily pair these shorts with different bottoms in different styles. And, you can achieve the perfect look for the type of event you are about to attend. You can also wear it to give your personality a detailed look. Be the polo shirts style guru by following this guide and knowing everything there is about the shirts.


What Are The Different Types Of Polo Shirts?
  •         GOLF SHIRTS

The golf shirts are identical to the polo shirts. These shirts can be worn for a sporty look. To all the men who are into sports and games, then it is a perfect option to wear a golf polo shirt in a golf club. And you can also wear golf shirts for your weekend practice on the golf course. Some of these shirts even have pockets to carry your few essentials. Cotton poly-blend and some other fabric are used for the designing of these shirts as they help in absorbing the moisture and allow the wearer to stay dry and cool.

  •         SLIM FIT POLO TEES

Whenever you thought about wearing a polo shirt, the first thing to keep in mind is the perfect fit. Slim fit polo tees are the ones that can be worn for athletic use. Upgrade your personality with a well-structured tee and complement your look. This design of polo shirts is an absolute stun that men love to put together in their wardrobe. These tees fit perfectly on your torso and the short sleeves are also fitted. For a boy in good shape, the trimmest fit of a slim fit polo tee can be worn untucked as well.


Polyester polo shirts are the polo shirts that are made from polyester fabric. Polyester is the only material that is used for a polyester tee and has some amazing fabric performance. These polyester polo shirts are soft on hand feel along with nice texture. Chase a summer classic look with the breathable polyester tee shirts. Polyester made shirts are long-lasting since they prevent the tee from staining. These polyester shirts with moisture-wicking abilities are the right choice for outdoor and sporty events. For outdoor wear select an excellent polyester polo tee shirt and look a bit classy.


Uniform polo shirts are the ones that can be outfitted to any group of the management staff. The team members of any formal event can wear these uniform polo shirts. Are you planning to hit upon any event or show your organization pride with your team members? Then make your team wear uniform polo shirts. Your staff and team members would be pleased to wear this snag-free, lightweight, and comfortable polo shirts. Design the unique uniform polo shirts for your staff members and let your team work together to host a successful event.


Printed polo shirts have some unique details over the fabric. The printed polo shirts have various designs and graphics that will enhance your personality. The unique colors and the elegant minimalistic graphic designs over the polo shirts make these shirts style versatile among all. Outfit these ultra-chic printed polo shirts with a nice pair of jeans or shorts and inspire everyone. Accessorize the tees with leather belts, watches, or a nice pair of sneakers.


The only difference in these polo shirts from usual ones is that these are polo t shirts but with long sleeves. The sleeves of these polo shirts are similar to those of a button-up shirt or a sweater. That is, you can wear long sleeve polo shirts in the fall and winter seasons. The extra coverage of these shirts over the collar and sleeves also makes polo shirt and v neck sweater a good pair. If you are a lover of polo shirts, then these shirts are definitely the kind to be with you in the colder seasons as well.


How To Wear Polo Shirts In 3 Ways?

The polo t shirts can be worn with shorts for a cool look during the summers. The polo shirt with shorts is more of a casual look for a day out with the boy’s group or an informal Sunday. Pair polo shirts with tan shades of chino shorts, but you can always mix and match different colors of shirts and t shirts.


The polo t shirts for men look great with jeans. But you might be wondering by now, how to wear a polo shirt with jeans. The answer is simple, pair a polo t shirt with jeans and sneakers, and you’re good to go.  Level up your polo style by wearing a polo shirt with skinny jeans. Also, you can also stun this look with chinos and loafers as well.


Switch your dress shirt with a polo shirt for a more formal look. But, what to wear over a polo shirt? The choice is to wear a blazer over polo shirts to discuss official affairs with your business partners over coffee. Even if the meeting is more formal, then opt for a basic polo shirt with a suit.


Can Polo Shirts Be Custom Made?

You can have your own custom polo shirts for any event. If you are hosting a social event or a formal party where your team is required to distinguish from the audience, then customize your team uniform. You can order custom polo shirts online from Dallas Shirt Printing at affordable rates. And also, if you struggle with finding polo shirts according to your collar size and fitting, then contact Dallas Shirt Printing. And, wear a custom-made polo shirt that is designed just for you.

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