Safety Apparel with Reflective Taping

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October 28, 2020
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Safety Apparel with Reflective Taping

Safety Apparel with Reflective Taping


Whether you are a hunter, construction worker, or in any relatively dangerous profession, safety apparel could prove lifesaving. Who knows when things might go south? For instance, if you are working around heavy machines in low-light conditions, the operator needs to know who’s around. Failure to do so could prove lethal in the worst-case scenario. So, high visibility safety clothing is a prerequisite for such kinds of tasks, especially if it involves hefty machinery. Here we have rounded up some information about safety apparel, why are they important, and which products are the best. Let’s get started.


Why Safety Apparel Is Important?

The clothing is classified as personal protective equipment, manufactured for workers to safely engage in dangerous tasks. The special fabric, as the name implies, protects the person from serious injuries, scratches, and heat.

Also, it includes fluorescent parts, allowing the garments to reflect light efficiently, making the surrounding more vigilant. Anyone can tell even from a huge distance if someone is standing there. If you have ever driven on a highway at night, you would know how crucial identifying people from a distance is. And it won’t be possible without this safety gear.  


Types of Safety Apparel

Safety Vest With Logo

The garments are classified into different categories based on the danger level. Here are a few that you can find in the market:

  1. Safety Clothing Class 1:

    It works around slow-moving vehicles, where there is low risk. For instance, warehouse workers, traffic officers, and parking lot attendants wear class 1 clothing.

  2. Safety Clothing Class 2:

    Areas with medium-risk situations, having traffic speed exceeding 25 miles per hour call for class 2 clothing. The situations are more intense than category 1 clothing.

  3. Safety Clothing Class 3:

    Emergency responders, construction workers, and people working around high hazard level areas require clothing like class 3 hi-vis bomber jacket.

If your company needs custom safety vests you can get them done from our site, Dallas shirt printing. We offer everything from custom printed safety vests, embroidery services, to safety jackets with logo — all in an affordable price range.


Best Safety Apparel with Reflective Taping

CornerStone Class 2 Performance Safety Pocket Shirt

Manufactured with the highest quality polyester, these green safety shirts are ideal for outdoor tasks. The overall fabric is pretty lightweight and doesn’t restrict the wearer’s movement. Plus, with moisture management qualities, it doesn’t get nasty with the person’s running sweat. If you want safety shirts with a logo, you can customize this product through our services.


ML Kishigo Class 2 Safety Vest

Make sure everyone on the site notices you while moving machinery around by wearing this flashy gear. Such safety shirts work best for moderate-level construction tasks, highway projects, forest ranging, and emergency responding, etc.   

For a safety vest with a logo, you might want to check out our printing on safety vests services to not only protect the workers but also build brand awareness.


Shorfune Safety Reflective Hi Vis Hoodie 

Safety clothing doesn’t always have to be boring like a conventional construction orange jacket with a logo. It also comes in style such as hooded sweatshirts with stylish pockets on the front, that can hold a lot of stuff. With 100% polyester fleece, the fabric is incredibly soft, ensuring high levels of comfort. Plus, you can easily move your limbs around while working as it allows enough movement.

The hoodie is lined with thick reflective strips all around which ensures a 360-degree line of visibility. The machine drivers will notice you from a considerable distance and can easily make the decision to avoid impacts. Not to forget, it also shields the wearer from extreme weather conditions like gust, rainfall, and heavy hail.


CornerStone Class 3 Hi Vis Windbreaker

With this gear, nothing will be able to put a scratch on your body. The oxford 300D polyester deserves all the credit as the material is equipped with high-defensive capabilities.

What’s more, the fabric is water- and wind-resistant, meaning even during heavy storms, it will keep you safe, sound, and dry. What makes this highly effective is the thermal 60g quilted insulation which can withstand a great amount of it. That is exactly why this product is quite famous amongst fire-fighters and people who work around heat.


ML Kishigo Class 3 Hi Vis Hooded Full-Zip Sweatshirt

No matter how harsh your job, this gear will prove useful and even lifesaving. The polyester fleece not only feels comfortable but also provides the wearer full range of motion. You would be able to perform tasks with maximum ease without feeling restricted. It is designed just like a regular hoodie, with pockets on sides, a hood on top, and a zipper on the front.  As for the reflective material, it goes all around the body, providing the person long-range visibility during low light.

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