Screen Printing

For digital printing, the screen printing machine is used, it is considered as the modern printing technique. The automatic screen printing machine uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The attached or connected stencil has open areas of mesh that transfer ink or other ink materials. The ink is pressed through the mesh as a sharp image onto a material. For pushing ink on to the printing material, a fill blade is moved across the screen stencil, forcing ink through the mesh openings. A digital screen printing machine first appeared in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). Later on, Japan and other Asian countries adopted this technique of printing and advanced the crafting process.

The automatic Screen printing machine was largely introduced to Western Europe from Asia in the late 18th century but did not gain large popularity in Europe until silk mesh was more available for trade from the east. In 1907, screen printing concept and Screen printing machine was first patented in England by Samuel Simon. It was originally considered as a popular method to print expensive wallpapers, printed on linen, silk, and other high-quality fabrics. Western screen printers developed reclusive, defensive and screen printing machines for small business policies and intended to keep their workshops knowledge and techniques secret.

In 1960, an American entrepreneur and artist Michael Vasilantone developed, and sold a multicolour rotatory screen printing machine for garments. The digital screen printing machine lends itself well to printing on canvas. Andy Warhol, Arthur Okamura, Robert Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, Harry Gottlieb and many other famous artists have used screen printing machines for small business, as an expression of having an artistic vision. Nowadays, graphical screen printing is widely used to create large batch produced graphics, such as posters or display stands. In 1967, he later filed for a patent granted number 3,427,964 on February 18, 1969. The rotatory machine was originally was manufactured to print logos and team garments but soon directed to the new fad of printing on t shirts.

Michael’s patent was licensed by multiple manufacturers of printing companies. The results of the production boomed in printed t shirts, this made screen printing machine for shirts popular. The screen printing technique accounts for over half of the screen printing activity in the United States. In a screen printing machine, the screen is made of a piece of mesh stretched over the frame. The mesh is made of synthetic polymer material, such as nylon, etc. The mesh should be mounted on a frame to be effective, and it must be under tension. The frame which holds the mesh is made of different materials, such as wood or aluminium, depending on the sophistication of the machine. For checking the tension of the mesh, a tensiometer is used. And, Newton per centimetre (N/cm) is the common unit for the measurement of the tension of the mesh.

Examples of the types of screen printing machines, a screen printing press is used to print multiple copies of the screen designs on garments, the professional printers commonly use a screen printing press. Many printing companies offer simple to sophisticated automatic screen printing presses. These presses come in three types, Manual (also referred to as Handbench), semi-automatic screen printing machine, and fully automatic screen printing machine. Most printing companies will use one or more semi-automatic or fully automatic machines. Another screen printing machine is known as rotary screen printing. It has flat screens, use to wrap the screen around to form a tube with the ink supply inside the tube. After that, the roller rotates at the same speed as the web in a roll-to-roll machine. The benefits of this is to have a high production rate and long rolls of product. This is the only way to make high-quality patterned printing and coating and has been widely used for manufacturing textured wallpapers.

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