Success For Direct To Garment Printing on Dark Fabric

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Success For Direct To Garment Printing on Dark Fabric

Success For Direct To Garment Printing on Dark Fabric

Give Your T-shirts An Unmatched Look With Our DTG Printing Services


Do you want an aesthetic eye-catching image printed on your favorite dark color T-shirt? Well, it may seem astonishing but with the DTG printing technique, you can look better than the best you had imagined in your dark fabric T-shirt. There are very few techniques that can match the direct to garment printing when it comes to making your T-shirt look absolutely stunning. Direct to garment (DTG) printing may be a hard technique to execute at first, but with consistent practice and developed skills, it is easy to perform. This article will go through some useful guidance regarding achieving success for direct to garment printing on dark fabric. Read till the end to take your understanding of this amazing technology to the next level.

Understanding DTG Printing:

One question that you might have is, “what is DTG printing?” Don’t worry! We will guide you regarding everything you need to know. DTG printing is basically a process used to print graphics on garments and textiles. Yes, there’s no doubt that DTG T-shirts look amazing, but what’s the process behind it? In DTG printing, modified inkjet technology is used to print different types of graphics on the T-shirts. DTG screen printing is fairly a new process in the T-shirt printing realm but it is amazing to know what this DTG digital technology can do. It can print up to 16 million colors on your T-shirt using the DTG ink in just a single pass. The ink used in dtg digital technology is completely safe and dries quickly. Furthermore, the dtg ink gets soaked up by the garment and will not peel or crack in the future at all.

Which Fabric Should Be Used For DTG Printing:

Which fabric you use for DTG t-shirt printing is the key to success in the DTG printing process. If it is dark garments that you want to print on, combed and ringspun cotton should definitely be your go-to option. To get the best results, 100% cotton is preferred, but you can go down to 50% and still get pretty good results. However, the combed and ringspun cotton fabric is the most used fabric for DTG printing for three particular reasons: it offers tremendous comfort, affordability, and quality.

Fabrics To Avoid For DTG Printing:

One main point to keep in mind is that not all fabrics are suitable for direct to garment  T-shirt printing. Especially if you are using DTG screen printing on dark-colored T-shirts. Your best line of action to avoid any problems would be to stay away from fabric that has less than 50% cotton. Examples of these kinds of fabrics are sweatshirts, sweatpants, and hoodies. Fabric with a smooth surface works the best for DTG printing on dark fabric. Try to avoid fabric with high polyester content as much as possible.

The Importance Of Pre-treatment in DTG Printing:

Pre-treatment is essential in order to achieve the best results of DTG printing on dark fabric. It is basically a transparent solution applied to the area on the shirt where you want to print. Pre-treatment stops DTG ink to soak into the fabric and produces an end result that is both realistic and bright. Furthermore, it also creates a smooth surface for the print and allows the white ink to show up clearly. It provides a good base for the white ink to settle on and produce a spectacular image. The white base is integral to use on dark fabrics because translucent colors on dark fabric produce dull images. Without pre-treatment, you might not be able to get the most out of the DTG printing technology.

Using the right amount of pre-treatment is also essential. Know that pre-treatment will wash away the first time you wash your T-shirt. If you use too little pre-treatment, your T-shirt will not be as bright as you want it to be. But if you use too much, your ink might wash away with the pre-treatment, which is really a bad thing to happen. Hence, finding the right quantity of pre-treatment is the key to success in DTG printing.


DTG screen printing isn’t a decade old process and is relatively hard to execute. You need the right skill set, experience, and equipment to print those magnificent designs on your T-shirts. If you are in search of direct to garment t-shirt printing companies, you have come to the right place. Dallas Shirt Printing provides the best services to their customers. We offer the best quality DTG printing services in town. Dallas Shirt Printing as a company values your choice, time, and needs. You are our top priority!

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