Starting a Printing business? Check Top 6 best DTG Printers in 2020

A Kickstarting Insight for Your Busines

What has brought you here today? General curiosity about the best DTG printers in the market? A specific interest in how to make your business hit the jackpot or knowhow of how to grow your business? In any case, we’re here to help be sure about the investment you’re looking to make. 

DTG Printing

An exciting and evolving new printing technique that utilizes DTG digital printers that work like inkjet printers is called DTG.  A DTG printer is ideal for cost-effective, custom printing solutions. The most important aspect of a DTG printing business is having knowledge about tools that are critical to its functioning. 

Let us tell you why that’s important. 

About 80% of start-ups fail in their very first year. As much as it is unfortunate, it’s a point to ponder. If you want your DTG printer business to be among the other 20%, here’s what you need from us: KNOWLEDGE!

Businesses are started and maintained in the face of risk. What keeps them steady despite uncertain market dynamics, rivalry and losses is knowledge about best business practices. Your DTG printer business might seem ready to dive into the big sea of custom printing competitors. However it is only being actually equipped with the apt knowledge that can make you a market leader. In your DTG printer business case, it’s the knowledge of top ranking best DTG printers of 2020.  

Top 6 Direct To Garment Printers of 2020

Choosing a DTG Printer can be made easier by narrowing down business intent, price preference,and audience it caters to. Below are the best DTG printers from renowned companies that you can choose from. These DTG printing machines are ranked as such on the basis of their utility, affordability and speed. 


Brother DTG Printer


The Brother DTG Printer is a heavier, industrial look DTG printer. It has a metal exterior and a body of about 4.5’ by 4.25’. The printer is user friendly as it allows an open bottom design advantage. The open bottom helps avoid humidification, which is critical to efficient consistent operations.

Price Range:

  • MSRP: $22,500
  • Est. Street Price: $22,500


Epson F2100


Newest in the market, extremely fast most compatible and absolutely affordable. What’s more to ask for in a DTG printer?

The Epson F2100 is a printer with an added “White mode” feature. This feature allows the printer to print white as well as colored designs simultaneously. Moreover, the printer can be switched to its “Light Garment Mode” which is synonymous to a turbo booster button in a car. Both of these features aid faster paced design creations inviting profits for the business. 

Price Range:

  • MSRP: $16000
  • Est. Street Price: $14500-15000


Kornit Breeze


Ever heart of tiny but mighty? Well Kornit Breeze is just that. 

is the first ever DTG printer Kornit offered. It is one of the most efficient yet the smallest in their line-up. The Breeze has a 4’ x 5’ framework and is by far the most good looking DTG digital printer.  With an integrated pre-treatment system and a base table of gas dryer, this printer is the choice of many big shots of the industry.

Price Range:

  • MSRP: $65,000
  • Est. Street Price: $62,000


Brother GT3


If a white underbase or a CMYK ink is what your business would be primarily focusing on using, GT-3 printers FTW.  

The Brother GT3 printers allow up to 16″ x 18″ print area, which is GREAT. The GT3 DTG printer uses viscous inks generally higher than those of other GT inks to print in one pass. This means it allows better registration and increased productivity. The GT3 printer is  capable of providing powerful printing tools based on formulated inks and advanced features. It is therefore the choice of many looking for more detailed and enhanced prints. 

Price range:

  • MSRP: $9500 – $13500
  • Est. Street Price: $12500


Ricoh RI 6000


Searching for an in-house printing set up that allows bulk printing in minutes? Ricoh RI 6000 is the best choice. 

For enhanced efficiency and profitability in apparel and promotional printing, Ricoh DTG printer is the best. This DTG printing machine is known to produce photo-quality output with water-based inks and user-friendly controls. This DTG printer has a compact footprint. It allows a print area of up to 14” x 18”. It is also one of the fastest printers allowing printing in 27 seconds on light-colored garments.

Price Range:

  • MSRP: $30000
  • Est. Street Price: $28000

DTG FREEjet Printer 330Tx



The Freejet printer 330TX is the DTG printer popular for its value addition to businesses. The DTG Freejet Printer  330TX is in fact an ideal solution for a DTG printer startup. The value it adds is in form of quality printing. Used for intricate designs and level or replication of details, this direct to garment printer is perfect for commercial product lines. It is a one time investment which is cost effective in the londer run. The DTG Freejet printers  eliminate downtime ultimately decreasing incurred costs and lost business time. Being super quick and extra efficient, 330TX models are able to cope with clogged print heads and multiple design printing simultaneously. 

Price Range:

  • MSRP: $5000
  • Est. Street Price $5000

Thomas Jefferson said “Knowledge is Power.” It’s particularly true for the business industry. It is an asset that no one can take away from you or your business. The key to successful initiation, growth and improvement of any business is knowledge about the intended endeavor. A DTG printer business is no exception. 

We’re aiming to add to your knowledge and so, we have an FAQ compilation. 

Choose what’s right for your business and let the power of knowledge help it succeed. 


What’s the best DTG Printer for a small business?

For small businesses, DTG printers are best if they are cost effective and easy in-house set up ones.

Are there any affordable DTG printers?

Epson surecolor f2100 DTG printers, Brother GT3 Printer and Freejet DTG Printer are cheaper options in DTG printers.

Can I get a DTG Printer Under $10000?

Yes, a Brother GT3 and Freejet DTG printers can be easily bought within $10000. For under $1000, second hand printers can be sought. 

Which one is the fastest DTG Printer?

Ricoh RI 6000 printers and Epson f2100 printers are some of the fastest DTG printers.

How long does a DTG print last?

DTG Tshirt printer can create a design that lasts for years given that it is washed with cold water and not machine dried. 





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